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Spotlight of the Week Detail

Prime Minister addresses the nation in 110th episode of Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister addresses the nation in 110th episode of Mann Ki Baat

March 01, 2024

Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the nation in the 110th episode of Mann Ki Baat. He was elated to see the suggestions, s, and inputs for episode ideas sent by listeners from all over the nation.

While addressing the audience he said, “On the 8th of March, we commemorate 'Women's Day,' a significant occasion to honor the invaluable contributions of women to the developmental progress of our nation.” He continued to praise women leaders for touching new heights in all fields and contributing towards the nation’s progress.

He reminded the listeners about the upcoming ‘World Wildlife Day’ which is celebrated to spread awareness for the conservation of wild animals. For the year 2024, the theme for World Wildlife Day is Digital Innovation. He continued that extensive technological applications are employed for wildlife conservation across various regions of our country. In recent years, due to Government initiatives, there has been a significant increase in the tiger population. Specifically, the Tiger Reserve in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, now boasts a population of over 250 tigers.

The Prime Minister added that artificial intelligence is being utilized to mitigate conflicts between humans and tigers in the Chandrapur district. Cameras have been strategically placed along the border of villages and the forest, enabling the detection of tiger presence. When a tiger approaches a village, the AI system sends s to local residents via mobile notifications. This innovative system has proven to be highly beneficial for the inhabitants of the 13 villages surrounding the Tiger Reserve, ensuring both the safety of people and the protection of tigers.

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