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Boodha Bargad: A silent witness to colonial brutality

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August 31, 2021

Boodha Bargad

Boodha Bargad is a silent testimony to the hard times which our Freedom Fighters have faced. The English officers were baffled after the incidents of Sattichorra and Bibighar.

Every Indian citizen of Kanpur city was on the colonial radar. Meanwhile the ruthless officer, Col. Niel became the official in-charge of Kanpur city on 25th July, 1857.

He was known for his barbaric acts towards the Indian people, was ordered to kill more than 133 people by hanging them on the tree which was located at Nanarao Park.

Although the tree does not exist anymore but the spot at which the tree held ground is a key place of relevance in the pages of history of the Indian freedom struggle.

Boodha Bargad