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The Life of Amar Shaheed Shri Mahavir Singh in the Cellular Jail

By : The Life of Amar Shaheed Shri Mahavir Singh in the Cellular Jail

February 17, 2022

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The freedom with which we are living in the nation today, the foundation of this very freedom was laid by the stalwarts such as Shri Mahavir Singh. Many sung and unsung heroes of our freedom struggle sacrificed their lives for the cause of the nation. Their memories are a source of our rich cultural heritage.

The atrocities done in the Cellular Jail on Shri Mahavir Singh can be seen in the inset picture.

Shri Mahavir Singh

Mahavir Singh was tried in the Lahore Conspiracy Case. He refused to recognize the court of the colonialists. In order to end the Lahore Conspiracy Case as soon as possible, the Government of India issued the Lahore Conspiracy Case Ordinance in the early 1930s. Mahavir Singh and other accomplices (Shri Batukeshwar Dutt, Gaya Prasad, and Jitendra Nath Sanyal) while explaining their purpose against the government atrocities, said that they do not expect any justice from this court. Saying this, he refused to participate in its proceedings. At the end of the statement, he said, "We have been accused of waging war against the British Government. We do not expect justice from any court set up by the British Government and therefore we will not participate in this drama of justice".

In the year 1929, Shri Mahavir Singh was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Lahore Conspiracy Case. After some time in the Lahore jail, Mahavir Singh was sent to Ballari Central Jail (Mysore) in 1930 and then to the Madras jail. In January 1933, Mahavir Singh was sent to the Port Blair Jail in Andaman under 'Saza-e-Kalapani'. This jail in the Andaman was a symbol of severe torture. Mahavir Singh Ji continued his fast against the injustice and inhuman treatment meted out by the jail officials.

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On 12 May 1935, all the political prisoners went on a fast in jail for their demands. From the sixth day of the fast, the jail authorities began force-feeding. After half an hour of struggle, 10-12 people together succeeded in putting Mahavir Singh on the ground, after which the doctor put one knee on his chest and put the tube inside the nose. He did not see that the tube had gone into the lungs of Mahavir Singh rather than his stomach. 1 liter of milk went into his lungs, due to which on 17 May 1933, the son of India, Shri Mahavir Singh was martyred for the great cause of the country.

Source: The Office of District Magistrate, Etah