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GatiShakti – National Master Plan for Multi-Modal Connectivity

By : GatiShakti – National Master Plan for Multi-Modal Connectivity

May 02, 2022

On 15th August 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a momentous speech at the New Exhibition Complex, Pragati Maidan, spoke about his visionary idea that would transform the infrastructural face of India “PM GatiShakti” – India’s National Master Plan for Multi-Modal Connectivity. The campaign for the master plan was launched on 13th October 2021 at the New Exhibition Complex, Pragati Maidan. On the auspicious day of Ashtami, the Prime Minister focused on ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ and how this plan of multi-modal connectivity would act as a stimulus for infrastructural development in 21st century India.

PM GatiShakti plans to bring forth a monumental reform in connectivity and transportation's infrastructural sector. To achieve this, the Master Plan shall together sixteen Ministries, including Railways and Roads, to create a unified and streamlined network of connectivity. The vision is to eliminate departmentalization and encourage seamless communication and institutionalize all-inclusive project planning.

The framework of PM GatiShakti rests on the following six pillars:

  1. Comprehensiveness: one centralized portal that captures all existing and planned initiatives of various Ministries and Departments. This shall increase inter-Departmental visibility and flow of information, making the planning of initiatives more streamlined.
  2. Prioritization: inter-and intra-departmental communications would promote the prioritization of projects that are to be undertaken by respective Ministries.
  3. Optimization: the plan would ensure efficient planning of projects while addressing critical gaps and opting for the most cost and time-efficient routes.
  4. Synchronization: the main aim of the plan is to ensure coherence and coordination amongst cross-sectoral Ministries and Departments.
  5. Analytical: ease of access to data is another salient pillar of the campaign. The data with GIS-enabled spatial analytical tools will be assimilated in one place ensuring better visibility to the executing agency.
  6. Dynamic: all the departments working under the umbrella of GatiShakti will be able to review and analyze infrastructural progress through satellite imaging and GIS tools.

PM GatiShakti's campaign resonates with the endeavors of PM Modi towards creating state-of-the-art, next-generation infrastructure to optimize connectivity of transportation for people, goods, and services and improve the transition from one mode of transport to another. The Prime Minister believes that it is this ‘last mile connectivity of infrastructure that would result in the making of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

This campaign would be a milestone towards creating an India of the 21st century. The plan would not only benefit the Ministries and Departments to efficiently collaborate on projects but also provide information and updates to the public, and people from business communities regarding ongoing or upcoming projects and enable investors to plan coherently. The campaign towards creating multi-modal connectivity would generate employment opportunities for the youth and cater to the country's economy.

Efficient reduction in costing logistics and enhancing the supply chain would significantly place Indian local products in the competitive market. With a mantra for progress, PM Modi in his address speech (at the launch of the master plan for GatiShakti) constantly emphasized the need for building such infrastructure that would enable India to forge on the path of development where people are self-reliant, capable, and aware.

The launch of PM GatiShakti Master Plan in the year 2021 is marked as a special milestone in the ongoing Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, celebrating 75 years of independence of India. Reverberating AKAM’s initiative of bringing together the achievements of all the States, Ministries, Departments, and the people of India, PM’s GatiShakti is set to eliminate cross-departmental miscommunications and work together under a unified aegis. India has come a long way since Independence. We have marveled in the fields of science and technology, medicine, healthcare, and agriculture. Infrastructural development is the last link joining all these sectors together and advancing India towards greater collective development.