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Kaloo Gond

Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

June 21, 2024 to June 21, 2026

Kaloo Gond of Umargaon village, Nagari-Sihawa area, Dhamtari district, was born around 1900 to Hagru Gond. He couldn't pursue education and worked as a labourer. Influenced by freedom fighters in his village, he developed a rebellious spirit against British authorities, especially due to the unfair enforcement of forest laws. Fearless, he gathered people for secret meetings under Shyam Lal Som’s leadership, sometimes at Pancham Singh’s residence in Gurgaon.

On 21 January 1922, Kaloo joined the Jungle Satyagraha of Sihawa-Nagari, a movement against forest laws. For his participation, SDM R.J. Baid sentenced him to 30 cane strokes on 26 January 1922, under section 379/109 of IPC. The caning left marks on his back, causing him pain for a week, but his resolve remained unshaken. He continued his involvement in the freedom movement and took part in the Civil Disobedience Movement of 1930. Kaloo was a staunch opponent of drugs and fought tirelessly for India’s freedom.

After independence, Kaloo remained active in socio-cultural activities, continuing his work as an agricultural labourer. His story highlights the enduring spirit and sacrifices of lesser-known freedom fighters.

Name mentioned as serial number 3 in the register maintained by the Dhamtari District Administration
Mention of the punishment as Sr. No 03, given to Satyagrahis by SDM, Dhamtari on 26.01.1922

Source: Tikeshwar Prasad Gajpal, Contributor for CCRT.