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Royal Indian Navy Mutiny, 1946

By : Royal Indian Navy Mutiny, 1946

August 05, 2021

Royal Indian Navy

The ratings of the RIN battleship HMIS “Talwar”, docked at Bombay, went on strike on 18 February 1946 over the issues of bad food and adverse living conditions. Following their capture of naval trucks, and hoisting together of the Congress, the League and the Red flags on these, the ratings went all-out to urge the people of Bombay to rise in support of their revolt – the greatest in the naval history – spreading to 78 ships and 22 units all along the Indian coastline. In response to their call, several processions were taken out in Bombay, Karachi, Calcutta and other places in the subsequent days. Hundreds of Indian citizens were killed and thousands were injured in the British military and police firing on the demonstrators. Sardar Patel managed to make the ratings surrender on 24 February 1946. However, they declared if their demands are not conceded they will go on strike again