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Stories of Change

Government Schemes benefiting women for procuring agriculture products

July 19, 2022

More than 4500 women from 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh buy agricultural products directly from farmers. During the procurement, the minimum support price (MSP) fixed by the government is taken care of. The most encouraging thing is that women associated with Self Help Groups (SHGs) are getting employment opportunities.

The involvement of women in buying agricultural products is tightening the noose on private traders who are profiteering in the role of middlemen between farmers and the market. It is the result of ending the bullying of moneylenders that till now 436 women's groups in Madhya Pradesh have been directly involved in the work of buying agricultural products from farmers.

Women working in the warehouse are getting the biggest advantage that they do not have to go to the traders. They are paid monthly based on the amount of wheat they buy in a month. As a part of the ongoing program in Madhya Pradesh, rural women are allotted purchase centers to buy agricultural produce around government godowns. Wheat, gram and mustard are procured from farmers at these centres. The state government machinery helps women. The Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department of the government makes arrangements for the vehicles used to transport the produce of the farmers.

Source - First hand research