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Nana Ramchandra Patil

Sangli, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Nana Ramchandra Patil was born and raised in Yedemachindra, a small village located in the Walwa taluka of the Sangli district in Maharashtra. He was a staunch believer in Indian independence and a fierce advocate for the rights of his fellow countrymen.

In January 1932, Patil was first arrested for his involvement in anti-government protests. On January 15, he was prosecuted and sentenced to six months of rigorous imprisonment under section 17(1) of the Criminal Law Amendment Act. Despite being imprisoned, Patil remained undeterred in his commitment to the freedom movement. Upon his release, he continued to participate in Congress activities, advocating for the cause of Indian independence. However, Patil's involvement in the freedom movement soon brought him under suspicion by the British authorities. On August 31, 1932, during a visit by the governor of Bombay to Satara City, a Congress protester carrying a black flag ran across the road and threw himself in front of the governor's car. The incident sparked a wave of arrests and prosecutions of suspected Congress members across the region, and Patil was among those arrested and prosecuted. The investigation into the Satara incident implicated Patil as a potential participant, and he was arrested and prosecuted for his alleged involvement. Additionally, it was discovered that Patil had given a speech in Padli, Khanapur taluka, in furtherance of Congress activities. On September 30, 1932, Patil was sentenced to two years of rigorous imprisonment under section 17(1) of the Criminal Law Amendment Act. Despite the hardships he faced, Patil remained resolute in his commitment to the freedom movement. His unwavering dedication and bravery in the face of adversity serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by many in the fight for Indian independence.

Nana Ramchandra Patil, a resident of Yedemachindra, actively participated in the Indian independence movement and faced imprisonment for his involvement in anti-government protests and alleged connection to a protest incident.