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Sher Singh Shah

Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

September 18, 2023 to September 18, 2024

Sher Singh Shah was born on September 16, 1912, in Nala, near Guptkashi, a small village in the Rudraprayag district. His father’s name is Padam Singh Shah, and his mother's name is Devki Devi. His father was a farmer and the leader of a village in Nala. Sher Singh Shah lived and studied in his small village in Ukhi Block. Nala is located near Shri Kedarnath Road, and many people come there. During this time, the Indian independence movement was in full swing, and when Sher Singh Shah was 38, villagers asked him to deliver messages related to the fight against the British. When he was young, he was able to carry out the duties of delivering letters and meals undetected. Due to religious conversation, he took an oath in the Lalitamai temple in Nala that I would worship my whole life in the service of my country. He went to the weekly market near Guptkashi and secretly distributed leaflets pertaining to the freedom struggle among the people, creating public awareness. He used to appeal to the sounding people to participate in the freedom movement. In 1942, the Quit India Movement gained much momentum across the length and breadth of the country. People from Kedarnath Ghati and every corner of the country jumped into the movement with firm dedication and a spirit of patriotism. At the time, Sher Singh Shah led this movement from Kedar Ghati. Sher Singh Shah met Anushoyaprasadbahuguna freedom fighters. He dedicated himself to the service of the nation by adopting his brother’s son. Kasaragod, Barmwadi Place, was related to him, where he fought against British rulers with Purshottam Bhagwati and others. He remained under house arrest in his village, Nala Guptkashi, for six months. He stayed in Bareli jail, and while in jail, he tried his best to escape the British from India.

In jail, he was subjected to inhuman physical treatment. But his health kept deteriorating day by day, and finally, on February 12, 1991, he breathed his last.