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Karu Bhagat

Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

September 18, 2023 to September 18, 2024

Karu Bhagat was born around 1917 in Ranipur village. His father's name was Puneet Bhagat. He was illiterate, and his profession was agriculture. In the freedom struggle of 1942, the movement that took place near Patna, Satamurthy was present there at the time of Jhandotsan. And many brave sons were martyred in front of them; that's why the flag was hoisted there. At that time, he helped break the railway line, damaging the telecommunication wire, and sabotaging Bhana so that the British would get troubled. He was working in the field in the month of Bhado when suddenly the police came and caught him, and he was put in jail. In jail, they were treated like slaves; food contained worms in rice and more salt in vegetables, and the prisoners were beaten with iron chains. When he was in jail, his elder brother died, but he was not allowed to attend the last rites of his late elder brother, Manu Bhagat.

The freedom fighter was respected by giving a letter of respect and started getting a pension. He died in 1993.