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Pushkar Nath Zadoo

Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

November 12, 2021 to December 30, 2021

As the “Quit India” movement was taking shape in 1942, residents of village Esuru refused to pay land Pushkar Nath Zadoo was born on 15th April, 1928 to Pt. Vasudev Zadoo and Smt. Devki Zadoo. His father was an engineer in the Jammu & Kashmir Government. Pushkar Nath studied the Science stream subjects for his graduation in Amar Singh College, Srinagar. He was attracted to the left-wing political groups so predominant in the intellectual circles of Kashmir. A group of young men in Srinagar called Progressive Group started a Peace Brigade as first line of defence of Kashmir. Led by Pushkar Nath Zadoo, some volunteers went to Handwara to stall the march of invaders. The men had almost nothing in the name of weapons. Once the Indian Army units started arriving, Pushkar Nath and other Nationalist youngsters started assisting the units in the Handwara-Kupwara-Tithwal region. This area continued to see action for a long period of time – almost till end of 1948.

Once the Indian army arrived, they faced a logistical problem – neither the officers nor the jawans were familiar with the terrain or local language. Young men like Pushkar Zadoo were deployed to provide logistical support to the Indian forces and also assisted in gathering of local information/intelligence. He was deployed on the Titwal Front, where he died in action in July 1948. His sisters, (Kamla, Tusli, Krishna and Indu) and brother Vijay were bright and socially spirited students, alive to the political happenings. Kamala, Krishna and Indu joined the National Militia (Women’s Self Defence Committee or WSDC) even while they were in their early teens.