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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Framroze Jamshedji Ginwalla

Bombay, Maharashtra

June 30, 2022

Framroze Jamshedji Ginwalla (information regarding birth and parentage is not known) was a Swarajist member of the Bombay Legislative Council. He was one of the office-bearers of the Bombay Council Labour Party and chaired the 5th National Conference of All India Trade Union Congress as a General Secretary On 13 February 1927.

After the Government of India act 1919, local participation in the government had a way at a provincial level. In the Bombay Legislative council, though the British assumed power, many political endeavours were made to form a formidable local opposition. In order to achieve this cause, many new political parties started taking shape during the 1923 council elections of the Bombay Presidency. Leaders found themselves divided in ideologies, unable to create competent opposition. In these times, many veteran leaders realized a need to form a common front. So, a proposal was made for all members to try and resolve their differences to stake a strong opposition in the British-dominated council. Consequently, the formation of a party of Nationalists was proposed. The Swarajist members of the council, though influential, were reckoned for having a stubborn and uncompromising political ideology. The Swarajists wanted to keep their own identity and thought of a common front to be ill-favored. Framroze Jamshedji Ginwalla was the earliest of the Swarajist members of the house to step out and speak about joining the new party for a broader political cause. Ginwalla though a staunch Swarajist was seen taking the lead in requesting all the members to unite under one party. He condemned the communal disharmony among the members of the council. He expressed a hope that members of the council with different ideologies, like the Responsivits, Swarajist, and the Independent party would join the new party that would ensure a firm opposition. He thus emerged as an important voice that spoke for unity. Ginwala also found a special place in the Bombay Council Labour Party and was seen taking the lead in the labours. His work was mostly dedicated to labour interests and against the suppression of depressed classes. Thus, Framroze Ginwalla, a leader who showed more conviction in unity and upliftment is an inspiration to every thinking patriot.

Reconditeness on his birth and demise keeps his bio thread incomplete, but his harmonious approach is worthy of celebration at all times.