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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Dr. Kaikharshu Kesarsp Dadachanji

Bombay, Maharashtra

June 30, 2022

Dr. Kaikharshu Kesarsp Dadachanji was the son of the Late Kesarsp Dadachanji, the Ex-Diwan of Baroda. He was a militant political thinker and a member of the Berlin Committee (an organization in Germany devoted to the cause of the Indian independence struggle).

 In his speeches, he reflected deeply on the Indianization of important military offices in British India. On the 8 August 1925 at the first meeting of Parsi Rajkiya Sabha, Dr. Kaikharshu Kesarsp Dadachanji gave a lecture on Swaraj and about the Indianization of the army within next 10 years. In this lecture he attacked the prent racism by saying, “colour whether red, brown or blue, does not qualify as a criterion for leadership”. He also openly called the British ‘Savages’ with respect to their claim of ‘Superiority’ and their claim of being a superior civilization. Boosting the morale of the crowd he proclaimed that, India was a far more advanced civilization as compared to the rest of the world. Dr. K.K. Dadachanji criticized the British commissioned officers and generals for their unpreparedness which was exposed during the World War I. He also questioned the training of British military soldiers and derided their sense of superiority. He also advised that Indians should be equipped with modern equipment such as poison gas and aero planes, in prospect of a future war. He made speeches at many other places, conveying the people of India, a society’s need of being capable to defend itself.
He delivered more speeches rather aggressively and even used abusive language. It was also noted that Dr. K.K. Dadachanji had his way around with aggressive speeches. His persona was so bold that even the Indians felt as if he was attacking a particular race. Wherever Dr. K.K Dadachanji went to make a speech, he was greeted with reverence, as he was the brother of late Hormasji K Dadachanji, a solider captured in Kainat, Eastern Persia during world war I. Dadachanji’s family has a distinguished record of nationalism, which is not spoken or read about, but reverberates the virtue of sacrifice for one’s own motherland.

Despite knowing about Dr. K.K. Dadachanji’s valour and his hand in the freedom movement we do not know anything about his later life and demise.