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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Hormasji Kersasp Dadachnji

Bombay, Maharashtra

June 30, 2022

Hormasji Kersasp Dadachanji aka Hassan Ali (date of birth is not available) was the son of the Late Kesarsp Dadachanji, the Ex-Diwan of Baroda. Having been involved in the war and revolutionary activities as the following narrative describes, he can be identified as a nationalist with a militant approach. On the eve of World War I, the Indian students and patriots in Berlin created an organization in line with the Indian independence struggle. It was called the Berlin Committee. During this time, Hormasji, who was the brother of Dr. Kaikharshu Kesarsp Dadachanji (member of the Berlin Committee) was in Germany when World war I broke out. He was inspired to join the German army fighting against the British, to seek Indian independence. The archival correspondence suggests that he fought in the German army for around two years, but was captured in Kainat, Eastern Persia. Unfortunately, Hormasji was taken as a British prisoner of war after a scuffle between him and soldiers of the British army. Later, he was tried at a military court in Seistan, East Persia in November 1916 and was found guilty of waging a war against the King (of England). He was sentenced and executed in East Persia, in December 1916.

Hormasji is one of those forgotten gallant individuals who sacrificed his precious life to negotiate freedom for his country from a trans-continental location and thus inscribed a legacy though faded but intrepid in nature.

Ironically, his last days were spent in obscurity as his demise timeline remains untraceable. Nevertheless, what remains noteworthy is the fact that by joining Germany instead of Empire in the WWI, Hormasji tearingly signaled the anti-British approach.