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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Devulapalli Satyavatamma

West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

June 30, 2022

Mrs. Devulapalli Satyavatamma was born on 15 June 1893 in Attili village, Tanuku taluka, West Godavari district to Sri Vangala Vasudeva and Mrs. Subbamma. She had five brothers. She experienced both childhood marriage and widowhood at a young age. She dropped out of Rajahmundry secondary school and moved in with her mother. As a consequence of her elder brother Sri Vangala Dixit and Bipin Chanderpaul's eloquent speeches at Rajahmundry, she became interested in the national struggle and national service. She worked tirelessly on the international deportation campaign. She has known ‘Durgabayamma’ since the Kakinada Congress conference in 1923. In December 1931, the Bombay All India Women's Service Corps Training Camp was established and Satyavatamma got her training there. Here she listened to lectures given by Kamaladevi, Sarojini Naidu, and others. After Roundtable negotiations failed, police seized and shut the training site. She reached home with everyone. At the station, Section 144 was strictly enforced. Regardless, the Narsapuram taluka Linganaboinacherla Salt Satyagraha took place. As a result, she was arrested in Tanuku and condemned to six months in a C-class jail. Her bangles and rings were taken because she refused to pay the Rs. 200 fine. Following her release from jail, she engaged in a variety of constructive activities for women. She was allotted some space with the Collector to set up an organization for the advancement of women’s education. Thus, the Sri Bala Saraswati Seva Samaj was founded in Tanaku in 1932. A Sanskrit college, a secondary school for females, and a library were created under the aegis of this institution. She set up a Sanskrit school on a sanctioned site on the east side of Velpur Road, collected donations with the help of her friends, and built her own buildings. The government awarded her a silver medal on Ugadi day on 24 March 1974. She was felicitated on 30 September 1975 in the presence of thousands of spectators on behalf of the Panchayat in Nallajarla block, Thadepalligudem taluka, West Godavari district for such services. On 5 October 1975, Ganapavaram Panchayat Women's Section honoured her on the occasion of International Women's Day. She was honored on 15 August 1976 on behalf of the Rajahmundry Innerwheel Club. Satyavatamma is an outstanding person who has worked tirelessly for the service of the country and the spread of women’s education without any reward.