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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Bhayankara Venkatacharlu ailas Bhayamkarachary

East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

June 30, 2022

Bhayankara Venkatacharlu, popularly known as Bhayamkarachary, belonged to Samarlakota, in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. In Samarthkotta, he attended school till the tenth grade, and then he continued his education at the A.V.N. Intermediate College in Visakhapatnam until he reached the middle of the third year. He was elected as the President of the Student Union while he was still enrolled as a student at Andhra University. He went to the sessions of the Lahore Congress when he was 19 years old. In May 1930, he took part in the Salt Satyagraha in Gurjanapalli and was subsequently arrested for his participation. However, as part of the Gandhi-Irwin Pact, he and other leaders were granted their freedom. He believes that a full revolution will result in complete self-government. He was the first accused in the Kakinada Bomb Case. During this time Dappula Subbarao was the Circle Inspector and Mustafa Ali Khan, a DSP in the British police force in Andhra Pradesh. They had wrongfully lathi-charged the leaders of the area leaders who supported the independence struggle. Bhayamkarachary along with Kameshwara Sastri and a few others devised a plan to kill the DSP Mustafa Ali Khan. Bomb-making materials were collected from Calcutta, Bombay, and Pondicherry. However, their attempts failed twice. On 6 April 1933, on learning that Mustafa was coming to a place in Kakinada, they made bombs and planted them there. However, Mustafa did not get there. Both were disappointed and returned to their hometowns. They tried again on 14 April in Kakinada. However, this time too, Mustafa did not come as expected. Again on 15 April, on the third attempt, a package of explosives exploded accidentally near Kakinada port. The accident wounded nine individuals, including a worker.

After a massive manhunt, on 11 September 1933, Bhayamkarachary was arrested at the Kazipet railway station. The case was tried at the East Godavari Sessions Court, and 9 persons were convicted. The accused appeared at the Madras High Court, where he was listed as the sole main accused in the case against Bhayamkarachary and Kameshwara Sastri. Bhayamkarachary was condemned to 7 years in prison and deported to the Andamans. Kameshwara Shastri was sentenced to four years in prison. Bhayamkarachary was freed from jail in 1937 when Congress won the regional elections. He died in 1978.