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Startups in the health industry

By : Startups in the health industry

December 12, 2022

Healthcare in India is contributing greatly to the economy and providing a source for employment generation. The investments from the public (primary healthcare centers that provide basic healthcare services) and private sectors (secondary, tertiary, and quaternary healthcare institutions focused on metro cities) are contributing to the strengthening of the health infrastructure of the country. This industry includes services such as hospitals, clinical trials, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, medical equipment, and devices. The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in 2021 underscored the importance of a structured and well-equipped healthcare sector. In view of this, multiple initiatives have been taken to engage stakeholders across the country to advance the medical sciences and services in India.

Some Emerging Healthcare Startups in India:


HealthPlix is a Bengaluru-based firm that provides healthcare solutions such as digitized medical records to pharmaceutical companies. Their software solution has helped personalize consultation that is based on every patient’s medical history. The company is currently serving more than 5000 doctors across the country. They are presently focusing on diabetology, cardiology, nephrology, and more.


LiveHealth, also known as CrelioHealth, is a cloud-based ‘Laboratory Information Management System Software’ for pathology laboratory tests and diagnostics centers. This platform serves as a digital tracker of medical reports of patients. Healthcare providers can work remotely, improving efficiency with the reports and statistics generated by the software of CrelioHealth.

Heal and Live Private Limited

Heal and Live Private Limited (also known as CtrlAltHeal) is a Hyderabad-based healthcare e-commerce company. Their goal is to educate people about the benefits of natural herbs and pharmaceuticals. They feature multiple healthcare programs for a number of medical ailments.


Trijog is focused on psychological and mental health and is working to bring a change around mental health stigma in society since 2015.


The idea behind the creation of ThyDoc was to digitize India's analog healthcare system. Their technology enables doctors to develop and expand their digital footprint. This is a portal curated by specialist doctors for spreading health and medical awareness. Users can book online appointments with listed doctors and can connect with them about their concerns.

Investing in Healthcare Startups

Healthcare startups are increasing amid the need for digital healthcare infrastructure in the country. Factors such as a growing population and lifestyle diseases are encouraging public and private investments in this sector. The government of India is working to establish structural reforms and policies for the benefit of the healthcare sector. Additionally, India is reviving its ancient spiritual and wellness heritage by promoting Ayurveda and Yoga amongst the masses. There is substantial scope for the development and evolution of the healthcare sector to become self-reliant and well-prepared for the future.