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Zara Yaad Karo Qurbani

Zara Yaad Karo Qurbani

Zara Yaad Karo Qurbani

This podcast series is a tribute to the persons and movements that significantly contributed to India’s freedom struggle, some of which have not found a place in the conventional freedom movement storyline.

As an ode to the sacrifices made, it is only befitting to salute these heroes by recollecting their stories of courage and valour as part of commemorating 75 years of India’s independence.



1 Kadam Kadam Badhayeja The INA song & stories

1 Kadam Kadam Badhayeja The INA song & stories

2 Shubh sukh chain kī barkhā barse The INA anthem in Hindi

3 Netaji's call to women The INA needs you

4 Bharat Chhodo1942: Stories of Courage

5 Quit India MovementYoung leaders and women rise

6 Punjab MovementsWinning India's first battle for freedom

7 Journey to Free IndiaAn Overview

8 Arya Samaj Movement in the erstwhile Hyderabad State1938-39

9 Jhansi Regiment Case in Army1940

10 Goa Liberation Movement

11 Royal Indian Navy Struggle1946

12 Merger MovementIn the former French and Portuguese possessions in India

13 Kayyur Movement

14 Navjavan Bharat Sabha1926-31

15 The Ghadar Movement

16 Kirti Kisan Andolan1927

17 Malabar Special Police Strike

18 Peshawar Kaand

19 Chauri Chaura

20 Hollwell Monument Radio

21 Vattiyukavu Conference Radio

22 Aranya Satyagrah

23 Jallianwala Bagh Part-1

24 Jallianwala Bagh Part-2

25 Praja Mandal Movement

26 Madurai Conspiracy1945-47

27 Kallara Pangode Case

28 Chengannur Riot Case

29 Meerut Conspiracy Case

30 Harsha Chhinna Mogha Morcha

31 Dadra and Nagar Haveli

32 Hyderabad Border Camp Case

33 ZYKQ Karivellur

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Freedom Movement

Jhansi Regiment Case in Army (1940)

05 Aug, 2021

The Rani of Jhansi Regiment was the Women's Regiment of the Indian National Army, with the aim of overthrowing the British Raj in colonial India. It was one of the all-female combat regiments of the Second World War. Led by Lakshmi Sahgal), the uni...

By : Jhansi Regiment Case in Army (1940)

Hollwell Monument Removal Movement conducted by Netaji in 1940 at Calcutta

05 Aug, 2021

Along with his attempt to have friendly arrangements with the Muslim League leadership, Subhas Bose endeavoured to consolidate Muslim support in his favour in Calcutta. His efforts in this direction began with the agitation to remove the Holwell Monument which...

By : Hollwell Monument Removal Movement conducted by Netaji in 1940 at Calcutta

Royal Indian Navy Mutiny, 1946

05 Aug, 2021

The ratings of the RIN battleship HMIS “Talwar”, docked at Bombay, went on strike on 18 February 1946 over the issues of bad food and adverse living conditions. Following their capture of naval trucks, and hoisting together of the Congress, the League and the ...

By : Royal Indian Navy Mutiny, 1946

Harsha Chhina Mogha Morcha (1946-47)

05 Aug, 2021

Harse Chhina Mogha Morcha was an agrarian revolt in Punjab that took place in 1946– 1947. The campaign was launched in June 1946 by remodelling the moghas (canal outlets) under the leadership of the Communist Party, which was later joined by all major political ...

By : Harsha Chhina Mogha Morcha (1946-47)

Arya Samaj Movement in the erstwhile Hyderabad State (1938-39)

05 Aug, 2021

Among the major socio-religions movements of India, the Arya Samaj played a pivotal role in spreading the socio-political renaissance in Nizam's dominion. The Arya Samaj Movement took a political colour in Hyderabad State. The centre of Arya Samaj came into ex...

By : Arya Samaj Movement in the erstwhile Hyderabad State (1938-39)

Madurai Conspiracy Case (1945-47)

05 Aug, 2021

A & F Harvey mills was the biggest mill in Tamil Nadu. Its unit in Madurai had about twelve thousand workers and Ambasamudram and Tuticorin units, about six thousand workers. Madurai Labour Union (MLU) was the only union in the mill which was led by S.R.V. Naidu, a...

By : Madurai Conspiracy Case (1945-47)

The Gurudwara Reform Movement (1920-25) including:-

05 Aug, 2021

(a) Taran Taran Morcha A mandate was issued from the Akal Takhat summoning an assembly of the Sikhs to meet on 15 November, 1920 to elect a representative body of the Panth, to govern and control the Golden Temple and to reform other shrines. But ...

By : The Gurudwara Reform Movement (1920-25) including:-

The Ghadr Movement

27 Jun, 2021

There were several factors both external and internal, responsible for the origin of the Ghadr Party. The first was the discrimination against Indians in Canada and the United States. These emigrants did not find Conditions in the Countries of their migration as att...

By : The Ghadr Movement

Quit India Movement

27 Jun, 2021

In 1939, with the outbreak of war between Germany and Britain, India was announced to be a party to the war for being a constituent component of the British Empire. Following this declaration, the Congress Working Committee at its meeting held on 10 October 1939, pa...

By : Quit India Movement