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Group discussion on relevance of Gandhi’s philosophy

Ministry of Defence (MoD)

November 22, 2021 to November 23, 2021

In continuation with a series of activities being conducted under the flagship program ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ a group discussion on the topic ‘relevance of Gandhi’s philosophy was conducted by the school on 23 Nov 2021. A total of 32 Cadets from Classes VI to XII took part in the event. The details thereof are given below. They very intelligibly brought out all the main philosophies of Gandhi like non-violence, self-dependence, cleanliness, and Satyagraha.  All participants came up with their thoughtful and valuable points highlighting their relevance not only in today’s world but for all ages.  Gandhian starts with the famous line – ‘simple living and high thinking' and its objective is to transform the individual and society. Therefore, in the turbulent times where the world is grappled with so many problems, it is imperative to strive to inculcate Gandhian philosophy in various facets of life and governance. Gandhiji’s political contributions offered us Independence but his ideologies enlightened India as well as the world even today after so many years. Every individual, thus, should follow the key Gandhian ideologies in their day-to-day life for a happy, prosperous, healthy, harmonious, and sustainable future.

India is celebrating the 150th year of the birth anniversary of M.K Gandhi. It has been 70 years since Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, but his thoughts and philosophies continued to guide, humanity towards a peaceful society. If we wish to have an all-around development of our country and at the same time ensure social equality eliminate power centralization and decentralization of powers and resources we need to give a fillip to Gandhi’s thoughts and introduce them to our mainstream ideas and policies. It is high time that we give Gandhi’s ideas their due importance.

All the participants showed their keen interest in understanding the subject. The best ten performers of the event are:

  • Cadet Priyanshu (School No.1166) of Class IXA
  • Cadet Aman Kumar (School No. 1161) of Class IXB
  • Cadet Suman Kumar (School No. 1180) of Class IXB
  • Cadet Vishal Raj (School No. 1198) of Class IXA
  • Cadet Amritanshu (School No. 1186) of Class IXA
  • Cadet Arpit Raj Singh (School No. 1123) of Class XA
  • Cadet Shreyansh Kant (School No. 1098) of class XB
  • Cadet Ansh Raj (School No. 1026) of class XIB
  • Cadet Vivek Raj (school No. 1009) of class XIB
  • Cadet Saket Ranjan (School No. 1034) of class XIA